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To, from, and by Kisses Delavin

When a party becomes something more: Everything we noticed at Kisses Delavin’s fan debut

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

5/4/2017 in News
To, from, and by Kisses Delavin

Every time a debutante walks into the room, you would have to just stop and stare. And when Kisses Delavin made her entrance, we were all in awe.

Wearing a huge pink ball gown, Kisses walked down the stairs looking and waving like a real princess at the debut held by her fans at the Glass Garden in Pasig last night, May 3. And it seemed like a fairytale happening right before our eyes as she gracefully made her way to the stage.

It was a beautiful start for what became a memorable night. From the beginning ‘til the end, Kisses was showered with surprises and more than a party for a girl turning into a woman, it turned into a celebration for love.

It may have been the first time she’s seeing half of the people who were there, but it didn’t feel that way. Kisses treated her fans like friends, and from what they pulled off, it’s what they deserved.

The venue was nothing less than divine. With its “rustic garden” theme, everything just looked fun, whimsical, and still very classy.

With that before her and all the other efforts put into last night’s event, Kisses had a few moments where she actually had to stop herself from crying tears of joy.

She gave her thanks, countless times, but you could really just feel her gratitude for everything. Kisses was so overwhelmed, she said she had nothing more to wish for anymore. So when the time came for her to blow her birthday cake, she asked everyone to close their eyes and make their own wishes together.

But, of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without everyone having a piece of wisdom from the KWEENspiration herself.

When Kisses had her second entrance for the latter part of the celebration, the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran was playing, starting with those all too familiar lyrics: “Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes…”

Then Kisses told everyone, “Loving can hurt, pero mas mahalaga ‘yung piniling magmahal.” And thanks to all the things we witnessed last night, we were reminded of what love means and feels like. 

The photos and videos we took will always be there. But it’s how we felt last night that will stick with us forever.


Big thanks to her fans for the invite! And to Chino Delavin for being so gracious!