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How Richard and Zion changed Sarah’s life

Sarah stands by Richard's side amidst tax case

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/4/2017 in News
How Richard and Zion changed Sarah’s life

If there are two people that made Sarah Lahbati’s life the wonder it is now, it's definitely her two boys, longtime partner Richard Gutierrez and their son Zion.

Sarah related during her guesting on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” yesterday, May 3, that Richard showed her how wonderful the world is, and that he always gives her fireworks.

“He’s taught me so many things. He’s obviously more mature than I am, I’m only 24 and I’ve been learning so much. He’s been nothing but patient and so loving. He always gives me fireworks,” she said.

Sarah also related that as partners, they always support each other through everything, most especially now that Richard is facing a tax evasion case.

“I feel sad that this happened to him… and I know that Richard will answer his issues soon. I’m just here to support him, he’s going through a tough time, but he’s strong and he’ll settle it,” she said.

As for their son Zion, Sarah mentioned that he’s made their lives happier, that he’s become their inspiration every day.

“He’s given me so much fulfillment and parang kaya kong gawin kahit ano, and lahat gagawin ko para sa kanya,” she said.

Sarah and Richard started dating in 2012. Zion celebrated his fourth birthday last week.

The young mother celebrates her life and learnings through her inspiring book "True Beauty."