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Sam Concepcion silences basher!

Sam Concepcion and the Valencianos unite to shut down trolls.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/31/2017 in News
Sam Concepcion silences basher!

Sam Concepcion has hilariously shut down his online trolls.
In an Instagram post last May 29, the ultra-talented performer shared how much joy performing on stage brings him and was met largely by positivity...


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...except for a couple of people who decided to rain on his parade.

But of course Sam, who is considered an industry veteran by now seeing as he's been acting, singing and performing since before he hit puberty, faced the trolls courageously and trolled them right back. 
His girlfriend, Kiana Valenciano, a talented performer in her own right and her siblings Paolo and Gab were also there to chill. Even Kiana's sister-in-law Sam Godinez-Valenciano joined in on the "shut down" party!




The troll then replied, but was met with even more hilarious replies from the gang:

The same netizen even took a swipe at Gab, but for the middle Valenciano child, it's is all about sticks and stones: 


Sam also shared this encouraging statement about how he handles his bashers:


The whole exchange came to a close when Paolo joined in on the comments section and made us all LOL:

And so that ends this insanely funny encounter between a troll and Sam's future family-in-law (SamKi foreverrrrr!) which has hopefully taught as all that laughter is indeed the best medicine, or in this case, the best weapon. Cheers!