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24 of the most creative #LaLunaSangreTheories

Isa kaya sa mga ito ang kuwento nina Malia (Kathryn) at Tristan (Daniel) sa "La Luna Sangre"?

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

5/23/2017 in News
24 of the most creative #LaLunaSangreTheories

In much anticipation of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's upcoming television series "La Luna Sangre," fans are eager to find out what their roles will be and what's destined for the two in the story.

With fans creating their own theory of Malia (Kathryn) and Tristan's (Daniel) story in their heads, "#LaLunaSangreTheories" quickly escalated to one of Philippine's top trending topics today, May 23.

Here, we've compiled 24 of the most imaginative theories about "La Luna Sangre" we found:

Ako? Ang theory ko.... Sa tingin ko.... Kailangan nating panoorin at tutukan para malaman ang mangyayari. ;) After all, ang sarap na everyday nae-excite tayo sa mangyayari sa next episode. :D

Eh ikaw, what's your #LaLunaSangreTheories?

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"La Luna Sangre" is the third installment in the series that began with "Lobo (2008)" starring Angel and Piolo Pascual, then followed by "Imortal" Angel and John Lloyd two years later.