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Teresa hopes Diego, Caesar will reconcile

Teresa on Diego-Cesar issue: "Let's not push it"

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/22/2017 in News
Teresa hopes Diego, Caesar will reconcile

It’s been three months since Diego Loyzaga went on an online tirade against dad Caesar Montano about being an absentee father, and since then both parties have remained quiet about the issue.

Diego’s mom Teresa though, hopes that the two could still sort out their issues and forgive each other.

“Kung anuman ang nangyari sa kanila, sila na rin ang mag-aayos nun,” the actress said on “Magandang Buhay” earlier today, May 22. 

She further mentioned that it would be much more helpful if people didn’t meddle on the issue.

“The more we meddle, pakialamero lang ang labas natin eh, hindi naman natin maaayos,” she said.”

Asked what advice she gave her son at the height of the issue, her answer was simple: Be quiet.

“I told him, I know you’re affected but be quiet. It means less error. Kapag mas konti ang sasabihin mo, mas konti ang pagkakamali.”

In the end, Teresa said that everything will turn out fine in the end.

“Lahat naman maaayos in time. Let’s not push it, 'wag nating pilitin. Alam naman natin mahal siya (Diego) ng tatay niya. Naniniwala ako dun,” she said.