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How Xian channels his other self
“Ginagawa ko sa mga kaibigan ko ‘yan eh”
Marty Hsu
by Marty Hsu
5/19/2017 in News
How Xian channels his other self

Just because someone is good at what he does, doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking of doing other things.
In spite of being an actor and doing so well in it, Xian Lim still have a few jobs in mind that he has always wanted to try out.
“I’ve always wanted to be a counselor sa school or psychologist,” he confessed on Star Cinema Chat last May 15.
He explained, “Back in high school, I’ve always been amazed sa mga ginagawa ng mga counselor. Kasi binibigyan talaga nila ng direction 'yung buhay mo. Ang psychologists, if you have problems or some issues in your life nakakausap mo talaga.”
The Kapamilya actor told us that he’s amazed at how much trust are given by people who are seeking help.
“Ang laki ng power nila, for that person to trust you? Ang laki ng tiwala nila ‘di ba?” he said.
“You’re a good listener [dapat]. Ginagawa ko sa mga kaibigan ko ‘yan eh.” He tells his friends, “‘Kwento mo nga sa akin problema mo.’”
When Xian plays counselor to his friends, most of the time he just listens. “Hindi naman necessarily kailangan nila ng advice eh. Sometimes they just need someone to listen. Sometimes kailangan ilabas ‘yung nararamdaman nila.
But when they do actually ask for advice, Xian said all he does is offer them a wider look on the problem.
“Kung kailangan nila, kung nanghihingi sila ng advice, I’m not the type naman na mangungunsinte, hindi naman kailangan ‘yun eh,” he added. “Kung gusto talaga nila, gagawin nila. Siguro taking a step back, bibigay ko lang sa kanila ‘yung scenario paano ko nakikita. Kasi minsan tayo sa problem naka-[focus] na tayo masyado, pero kung medyo [lalayo ka] makikita mo ‘yung whole perspective.”
Catch Xian with Joseph Marco and Jodi Sta. Maria in the film “Dear Other Self” out in cinemas now.
Directed by Veronica Velasco, it centers on Becky (Jodi) who is torn between living a predictable life of responsibility and embarking on a carefree journey of fun and adventure. Unbeknownst to Becky is the possibility that her life could follow different paths depending on how she would respond to a day filled with a series of unfortunate events.


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