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#ALTLParanoid Recap: Aminan, bukingan, pagkakaintindihan
Umamin na si Tupe (Ronnie Alonte)!!! #ALoveToLast
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
5/19/2017 in News
#ALTLParanoid Recap: Aminan, bukingan, pagkakaintindihan

Secrets come a-spilling in last night's (May 18) episode of "A Love to Last".

In "Paranoid" we see Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and Grace (Iza Calzado) working  together for Lucas' (JK Labajo) pre-album launch preparations. Watching the two women be decent to one another is pretty uplifting, and even Lucas, fresh off a man-to-man talk with his father (Ian Veneracion), is all smiles. 

However, them playing nice becomes a secondary concern when Michael (Troy Montero) shows up to the venue unexpectedly and throws both Andeng and Grace out of loop.

Thankfully, Andeng, true to her soft-natured self, prevents Lucas from seeing his mother, who was forcing Michael to leave just a few feet away, gently shooing him away with a "nag-convenience store lang" excuse. This story doesn't add up, however, when Grace returns and tells Lucas that she simply took a call from her secretary. 

And so trouble looms... 

Another thing that happened in this episode is the doomed FLoe (Jameson Blake and Julia Barretto) and JUpe (Claire Ruiz and Ronnie Alonte) double date, an event so tragic that you're going to be telling your kids about it 20 years from now. 

Poor Gena tries (and fails) to make conversation but the two boys were too busy fighting over Chloe to engage. The date got so awkward that it really had no other choice but to culminate into a full-on burger-eating competition.

Due to ingesting a large number of hamburgers, na-empacho si Fort, and the rest is moody, college dude history. Meaning: for some reason Fort's parents were arguing in the same restaurant their son is in, and so Fort, who at that time was experiencing severe meat sweats, had to sort-of scream at Chloe to leave them alone. Pretty tragic, right?

But the drama doesn't end there. 

Gena walks away from the date totally unimpressed by the pissing contest she sat through, and so she pushes her boyfriend to admit that he harbors feelings of jealousy regarding Chloe and Fort's relationship.

And Tupe says yes.

*cue screaming*

Find out what happens next in tonight's episode of "A Love to Last" which airs weeknights on 
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