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5 times #SosBolz were #CoupleGoals in the 'Naked Chef'

Solenn, Nico, and their abs give us the funniest cooking tutorial ever.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/16/2017 in News
5 times #SosBolz were #CoupleGoals in the 'Naked Chef'

We can always count on Solenn Heussaff and her husband Nico Bolzico to serve us with some real couple goodness.

The husband and wife recently began a webisode series called "Naked Chef" on YouTube and of course (mostly because "naked" was on the title, and y'know, we love them) we had to go and check it out. We did not regret it. 

Nico and Solenn are so unrehearsed and authentic just being together that just like the Cauliflower Rice with Grilled Octopus they cooked in their first episode, we can't get enough.

Here are five times we wanted a love like theirs in "Naked Chef":

1. This moment when Solenn gave Nico an Octopus Shower.


Kaloka 'tong dalawang 'to!


2. This moment when Nico's #SaltBae made life better.

Rap beh. 


3. This moment when Nico's spoon trick is so unbelievably unbelievable. 

Nice editing, dude.


4. This moment when napaso si Nico. 



5. One word: VEJETEBOLZ



Watch the full video here: