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Tommy on split with Miho 'It's a ONE-SIDE'

Tommy, napaluha nang pag-usapan ang hiwalayan nila ni Miho

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

5/11/2017 in News
Tommy on split with Miho 'It's a ONE-SIDE'

A week after Miho Nishida revealed her side on the ToMiho split via "Magandang Buhay," it's time to hear the side of the other half of the said love team.

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Tommy Esguerra revealed in his "Magandang Buhay" interview earlier today, May 11, that the breakup is "ONE-SIDED."

"Its been months. I feel like it's just been months. We were not happy," he said.

"Its been like a making for months. Unti-unti I've been pulling away from the family para from the day it happens it's not the sudden change," he added.

The former "Pinoy Big Brother 737" housemate maintained that their differences mainly caused their breakup.

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"It's a culmination of many things. I think the biggest, I don't know if it's the biggest, is we have different values, different morals. I guess in the long run [I realized] that it wouldn't play out well," he further explained.

Tommy reiterated that he tried to save the relationship.

"Minsan things are lost in translation pero I try to listen.. I don't speak the best (Tagalog) pero I understand fairly well," the Kapamilya actor relayed.

He added, "I was fighting for the whole time. I fought for our relationship, from the beginning to the end, but it has just come to a point you really realize there's nowhere to go."

Tommy also dismissed the issue that being public figures affected their relationship.

"I didn't care, it really doesn’t matter. I mean people can't tell me anything about my relationship you know because they don't know anything. So it really didn't matter to me. It could be frustrating with the bashers sometimes because you were like 'What are you talking about?'" the "PBB 737" Second Big Placer said.

And he doesn't mind if the fans will side with Miho.

"You know why? Because she's gonna be the one who need it the most. At least I can just hold it down," Tommy explained.

One-and-a-half year of romantic relationship is no joke.

"It's a process talaga every breakup. It's always hard. It's a hard thing to go through. You have to discover yourself sometimes because sometimes you invest too much in a relationship," the 21-year-old actor said.
Tommy then turned emotional when asked about how he's coping with it.

"Oo (nanghihinayang). Breakups are hard. Like I said, it's a process," he shared. "You really have to go to through the motions. I keep myself busy, you try to figure out what you like again, what you like to do on your own."

The "PBB" alumnus relayed that he's not open to date again for a while and admitted that he still loves Miho.

"You just don't fall out of love into something and no matter what happens you'll always love that person.
"I think I want time to reinvest in myself. My Tagalog. Finally it's been long enough, my skills. I wanna become a dancer, singer, and I wanna get into these things," Tommy related.

Like Miho, Tommy is not closing any doors for possible reconciliation in the future.

"As of now it's hard kasi you're emotional. You never know until time will tell, you never wanna say certain things  because you'll never know. But at the moment I don't think so. At the moment it doesnt feel like it," he stressed.

Moreover, what hurts Tommy the most is the fact that aside from Miho, he also needs to move on from his relationship with the latter's daughter Aimi.

"That's a thing about this relationship. From the very beginning I've been saying that I want to keep an arm's length distance because I don't wanna become a part of her life. I don't wanna be a part of... where she sees me a father figure or she's calling me 'daddy' and then I leave one day because it doesn't work out. 
"Thats sucks you know, it feels selfish you know," he said.

With all these problems, one thing is sure for Tommy, he's letting go and moving forward.

ToMiho, who first met and fell in love in 2015 as "Pinoy Big Brother 737" housemates, both starred in the recently concluded television series "Langit Lupa."