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5 times Anne Curtis was all of us as K-Drama fans

Anne Curtis is just like all of us when she fangirls over her oppa!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/1/2017 in News
5 times Anne Curtis was all of us as K-Drama fans

There’s just something about K-Dramas that make it hard to stop watching them: the simple but romantic plots, the flawed but fearless heroine, and of course, the dashing leading man that will have all of us swooning for days.

It’s no exaggeration that almost everyone in the Philippines has been bitten by the K-Drama bug. In fact, even our very own Anne Curtis has been hooked (specifically to THE leading man of the moment Gong Yoo), and she just can’t stop going on a K-Drama binge.

Artista or not, a lot of us can relate to how Anne fangirls over the littlest things, so we compiled five of her social media moments that best describe what it means to be a K-Drama fan:

1. She’s loyal to her bias

We might have a lot of crushes while watching these irresistible dramas, but in our hearts, there remains only OTO (One True Oppa). For Anne, it’s Gong Yoo from “Goblin.” She’s watched all his dramas and is going through all his movies! That’s loyalty!




2. She gets immersed in all things “K,” not just the drama

Addiction to K-Dramas is just the first of many Korean things to go gaga over! Anne has already started listening to Korean music (will a K-Pop song be the next song she sings?), and she’s craving for Korean food already. That’s the beauty of K-Dramas: you get introduced to more deliciously addictive things to fangirl over!











3. She finds reasons why she and her oppa are meant to be

Don’t deny it because we’ve all done it: scrolling through our bias’ social media accounts or fan pages to find the teeniest of similarities between you two, which of course, increase the chances of you ending up together (in the unlikely event that you’d meet, of course). Bonus points if you try and recreate looks of your oppa’s leading lady! And yep, Anne has already done both!








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4. She knows the difference between a real-life romance and an on-screen oppa

Anne may be totally smitten with Gong Yoo, but she won’t go dropping her fiance Erwan Heussaff for him! She understands the differences between her two loves, and thankfully Erwan understands her obsession too! #CoupleGoals











5. She feels devastated whenever she finishes a series

Getting to the final episode of a drama is a strange thing: you feel a sense of achievement for having gotten that far, but also a twinge of sadness over its end. Before Anne finished “Goblin,” she mulled over it for days because she didn’t want it to end but wanted to know what happened. She ended up finishing it of course, but felt really bad when the final credits rolled up her screen. The good news though? You can always watch a new drama after finishing one!








Which Anne Curtis fangirling moment did you most relate to?