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Direk Mae, Matteo talk about what would make us fall in love with new KathNiel film

The "MAGIC" of KathNiel straight from Direk Mae and Matteo. Read on!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/6/2017 in News
Direk Mae, Matteo talk about what would make us fall in love with new KathNiel film
Today, April 6, "Can't Help Falling In Love" director Mae Cruz-Alviar and cast member Matteo Guidicelli faced our Kapamilya bloggers and made a stand on why this movie is enjoyable and lovable.

"You can't help but fall in love with this movie because the chemistry, the magic, the intensity,the passion that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla gave each other is something nobody else can reciprocate," Matteo explained.

He added, "The way Direk Mae did this, how madam Carmi (Raymundo) wrote the script, it's so magical eh. It makes your heart smile. It makes you feel happy. Along the way, at the end of the film, it will make you feel happy. It has so much love."

Matteo also noted how "CHFIL" is more than just a romantic-comedy film.

"This is your classic Star Cinema rom-com. This is a love story with all the feels," the blockbuster director related. "(It) does not just touch on romance but of course, meron siyang background on family because you know, our families affect us. Our families affect our personality, 'yung how it is at home. It's not just a romance film. It's not just a love story."

Direk Mae firmly believes that this movie is not just for couples, but for the whole family.

"You'll get so much more than just a love story. But of course, like what he said, the magic of KathNiel. This is a collaborative effort of Star Cinema. The team worked hard for it. When you see the output of the film, talagang kabog-dibdib levels and sabunutan. 

"And at the end of the day, may take home ka. Meron siyang maiiwan sa'yo and you're gonna watch it again. I assure you. You'll want to watch it again," Direk Mae stressed.

"Can't Help Falling In Love" is Kathryn and Daniel's reunion project with Direk Mae following 2015's blockbuster film "Crazy Beautiful You."

In the film, Gab (Kathryn) is a "close to perfect girl" who's already set to wed her long-time boyfriend Jayson (Matteo Guidicelli). But her world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers that she is already married - but to a total stranger named Dos (Daniel)!

As she figures out with Dos how this unlikely incident happened between them, Gab starts breaking her own rules to survive their crazily confusing situation. But with the changes in her well-planned life seems to come a change of heart as well. Oh no! 

Will she walk down the aisle towards her long-time lover, or will she take the plunge with a perfect stranger?

Let's all find out the answer to these questions and more this April 15 when "Can't Help Falling In Love" hits cinemas!