#ReelxReal Exclusive: Piolo, 40 and 'never felt this young'

"I promised my friends I won't go under the needle." This and other confessions from Piolo Pascual in this #ReelxReal Exclusive!

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

4/6/2017 in REEL/REAL
 #ReelxReal Exclusive: Piolo, 40 and 'never felt this young'

At one point in our lives, or even until now, we're like Toni Gonzaga in the famous soft drink commercial, declaring her adoration for Piolo Pascual with the mightiest, most intense scream a girl can muster. Heck, we might’ve even fallen in love with him! Who would be surprised? He's no ordinary knight in shining armor, not valiant just because of his armor and shield, or captivating in his to-die-for gaze, it's the passion of a man that keeps going and doesn't just let life happen to him.

The passion which to this very day, 20 years since he started in showbiz, you can still feel in him, whether he's on TV, in film, a concert stage, or he's right in front of you, with those beautiful hazel brown eyes looking straight into you as you do an up-close and personal interview.

"Let's just put it this way: I'm in this field wherein I get to enjoy what I do and I get paid doing it," he tells us. And we couldn't help but agree. You're hitting two birds with one stone. It makes things, no matter how crazy or complicated they can get, easier. 

With his fruitful career and in-demand presence, Piolo gets to meet new people and make new friends and families with every project he takes on. Truly, it's far from routinary, which perfectly fits a person like him who has made it a mission to constantly challenge himself and give more to the world through what he does.

No matter, however, how much he loves his job, he once thought to have "already hit the glass ceiling." That's when news about him contemplating about quitting showbiz became the stuff of publications and even people's conversations. How can there possibly be showbiz without Piolo Pascual??? (Three question marks really needed.)

"But, it's a cycle eh," he said of his realization. "You just have to keep reminding yourself that everyday is a blessing to be alive and every work is an opportunity to make it right. 

"For me, just being able to do something worthwhile, to be tapped to do something bigger than yourself, 'yun na 'yung magpapabuhay sa'kin. But being jaded in this business, that has loved me, embraced me totally, I'd be ungrateful to feel that way."

Right perspective, it is, then. For Piolo, the positivity "far outweighs any negativity I have around me."

Even aging is something that he doesn't see as negative at all. 

"I'm excited," Piolo said. 

"I promised my friends I won't go under the needle," he further confessed. "Good thing lalaki ako, hindi mo kailangang maging 'that' vain. I'm happy seeing my battle scars, I'm happy becoming the person that I am. It's a blessing to be alive so being old is also a blessing because you get to be more mature."

It's all in the mind, and being 40 made Piolo realize even more how many "untapped boundaries or things I still can do as a person, as an actor." He continued, "It's limitless. Life is limitless. 'Pag nilagyan mo ng boundary 'yung buhay mo, then wala nang saysay ang buhay. I'm just happy being here."

Limit is clearly not in his vocabulary. Through the course of his career, Piolo has also delved into producing ("Kimmy Dora" film series), and occasionally veered away from leading man material ("Silong" and Lav Diaz's "Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis," a Berlinale winner). 

The Ultimate Leading Man also makes it a point to jump into projects that excite him, that allow him to tell a relevant message. Like in his latest, Dondon Santos' "Northern Lights: A Journey To Love," where he plays a father who needs to learn how to really become one, all while opening his heart to love again.

If there's anything more we could learn from the very insightful Papa P, it's how experience really leads us to develop better perspective in things. No way to get over it than swimming through it.

"You have to pick up the right pieces, you have to learn from the things that made you fall," he shared. "When you pick yourself up, you become a better person. From there, hindi mo na gagawin 'yon 'di ba? That's how you become wiser. By refraining from doing the things na hindi maganda sa health, hindi maganda sa utak mo, and just attracting good vibes. Ganun lang."

He's been through so much and has been everywhere - and this is an understatement. But with how Piolo believes that he has never felt "this young," and with all the things he still wants to do ("travel the world," "watching as the sun rises and sets," and "be a regular person" are some), we conclude: he's just getting started for something even bigger. 

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