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How Barbie Imperial LOST, FOUND her confidence

Barbie has an advice for people dealing with doubts and fears

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

4/30/2017 in News
How Barbie Imperial LOST, FOUND her confidence

Barbie Imperial wasn’t always the striking glam girl that we see today. 


Back then, she used to stay away from people’s attention and wanted nothing to do with the spotlight. 


“When I was a kid, I was really shy. Hindi ako mapapasayaw. Wala talaga,” she said in an interview with Meg magazine. 


But Barbie grew up and so did the aspiration to help her family financially. So she dolled up, tried her luck with beauty contests, and discovered that she liked it. 


“That time, it was just me and my mom. My brother had a family of his own already. Kailangan talaga ng support, so sabi ko susubukan kong sumalo. Nag-workshops din ako,” she shared. 


Barbie’s mom got her back through all the pageants she joined, so much that she insisted Barbie to stick to them on the first time Barbie showed interest in joining “Pinoy Big Brother.” 


The Kapamilya actress said, “Sabi ko noon, ‘Mama i-try lang talaga natin itong PBB.’” 


Barbie, of course, made it to the big yellow house for the “737” edition. Although unfortunately, she only made it to Day 14. 


But that was just the start of Barbie’s journey to showbiz. Soon enough, she landed roles in teleseryes, movies, and now even product endorsements and magazine covers. 


And if there’s one thing that Barbie learned from what she experienced, it’s how to deal with fears and the doubters. 


She said, “Kasi nanonood lang naman sila, ‘di ba? So ang best na pwedeng gawin is show them that you can be successful. And that will happen if you really, really work hard for your dreams.” 


Read more of Barbie’s story in Meg magazine’s full feature here: https://megmagazine.ph/ april-2017/