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Kisses reveals she almost didn’t make it to 'PBB'

That’s so Kisses! Find out how some mistakes turned into one BIG miracle in this “PBB” audition story

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

4/3/2017 in News
Kisses reveals she almost didn’t make it to 'PBB'
Being one of the most love and talked about housemates from “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7,” we can’t imagine it being as fun and interesting without Kisses Delavin. 

But did you know this “Miracle Daughter” from Masbate almost didn’t make it to the auditions? Let Kisses tell you herself from this detailed “PBB” audition story she shared with MegaStyle.PH. 

Kisses said her “PBB” dreams all started with an ad on Facebook she came across with during dinner. 

“'PBB' was a miracle. June 24th at 8 p.m., we were having dinner and I was scrolling through Facebook. I saw an ad for 'PBB’s' final nationwide audition in Legaspi on the 26th. I’m from Bicol, and [taking the] bus would take 12 hours to go there. I called my mom and cried, begged that I have to audition, that maybe this was it. She was like ‘Are you sure?’ She knew I was a private, closed, reserved person. But I wanted to try. So then I insisted that we take the bus, but my mom said ‘let’s just take the plane.’” 

Kisses was already feeling tired when they got to Legaspi and just wanted to stay in the hotel they were were billeted in. But her mom wanted to eat out and so they did. 

“I insisted on eating in the hotel because I was tired, but my mom wanted us to eat at the mall. When we got to the mall, there was a huge line of teenagers. I looked up and there it was–TEENS AUDITION. I almost missed it! The audition was on the 25th, not the 26th! And the cut-off for the line was at 4 p.m., I got there at 3 p.m.!” 

And just like that time she paused to put some blush on before getting to the whole nomination process, Kisses knew she couldn’t just step into the auditions without looking her best. So, she decided to take a risk. 

“So then I was thinking–I couldn’t go in there without getting my bangs cut, my makeup did, and in these ugly clothes. My dad was like, ‘Are you sure? You might not make it on time!’ I’m like—‘I’ll take the risk!’ [laughs] So I ran to the salon, then to the makeup store where all the salesladies helped me. Then I bought a dress.” 

Just when she thought everything was set in place, another challenge came face to face with Kisses.

“When I got back to the line, they wouldn’t let me in. I was on the verge of tears. I begged the Kuya—‘We came all the way from Manila just for this!’ He pitied me and let me in. After the auditions, they were calling out the numbers of the chosen ones. I didn’t get called. My heart fell through to the floor. So it was over and they asked everybody to go home. But then–the guy on the microphone corrected himself. He was like, ‘I said the wrong number.’ Then he called out my number. I cried so much! Then the rest is history.” 

In the end, Kisses was hailed as the 2nd Big Placer and now she’s among the fast-rising teen stars. And with that kind of attitude that can turn mistakes into miracles, we say she deserves them all. 

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