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Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jake Ejercito allegedly taking daughter's custody to court

Andi fires back again to Jake over alleged court case

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

4/3/2017 in News
Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jake Ejercito allegedly taking daughter's custody to court
Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito's public custody battle has ensued. 

Over the weekend, a Fashion Pulis report surfaced claiming Jake has allegedly filed a court case petitioning for joint custody for Ellie, his daughter with Andi. According to the report, the petition was a direct result of a "misunderstanding" regarding Ellie's graduation which, according to Jake, he was misinformed about and therefore, did not get a chance to attend.

Following the report on April 1, Andi wrote a series of now-deleted tweets that read:

"Pls ask urself 1st if this is really for the wellbeing of ur child or just for ur ego? Just quit it man."

She continued, "It was diff then, cus i was hurt, and i loved you. But now that i dont, pls just trust that i want whats best for her and that includes u!"

After "The Greatest Love" press conference yesterday, April 2, Andi clarified her statements on Twitter, saying:

"Well, [I wrote that] because there's something that went out na there's a petition from Jake. Parang for me kasi, na-alarm ako kasi parang, 'Oh My God, ano ba 'yan?' Lumalaki na si Ellie, she's five years old. Before anything else, do you really think that exposing her to this kind of limelight, this kind of...parang, ka-cheap-an, will be good for her?" 

Andi continued, addressing Jake directly, "Kasi if this is not for your ego, for your pride, or...I don't know, out of spite kasi you just hate me so much, if this is really because you love your daughter and you want what's best for her, I also want that agreement. I also want that joint custody and for him to be a part of Ellie's life."

"Bakit kailangan idaan pa sa paninira, or ilaglag 'yung ina, or hilain siya pababa, 'di ba? Bakit kailangan ilabas pa? Bakit kailangan isali na naman lahat ng tao, na you know 'di ba this is what ruined everything [before], all that publicity and misconception between both parties."

Andi bemoaned, "Hindi naman ako nagpapangap na victim, eh."

The actress went on to say that she's very open to talking to Jake and his family. The catch?

"But they," she said, "don't want to talk to me. And you know I understand, they're powerful, they're wealthy. they can solve anything through more complicated stuff pero 'yung akin...alam niyo kung nagco-communicate lang sana tayo, it won't even be this complicated. Marami tayong misunderstandings kasi hindi tayo nag-uusap."

She claimed, "Sobrang gusto ko na maging part [si Jake ng buhay ni Ellie], siyempre naman para sa anak ko 'yun."

According to Andi, the evidence Jake is planning to use against her in court is "from the past".

She explained, "Text messages and evidence from the past, but that was because I loved him. That was because I was young and naive and I was in love with the wrong person, siyempre at the time I thought it was right, and so you'll go through anything and everything for the one that you love, and whenever you're hurt 'di ba minsan [you'll show it] differently."

She continued, "Like example, he hurt me, you know and I'm mad...malamang sasabihin ko 'hindi ko papakita 'yung anak ko' or whatnot but that was a long time ago. Now, I don't have feelings for him anymore, I'm living a quiet and peaceful and happy life."

Andi also relayed that she has a theory as to why Jake is now supposedly serving her with a court battle. 

"Actually, anytime nahihiram niya si Ellie," she clarified, and then added, "Feeling ko, 'yun 'yung theory ko, hindi masyado nahihiram as much as he wants kasi it has to be Ate [Jerika Ejercito, Jake's sister] that will talk to me, [because] he doesn't want to talk to me."

"'Yung sinasabi ko makipag-usap [lang siya], hindi naman [namin] kailangan maging friends."

Their child Ellie legally bears Andi's last name and was born November 23, 2011. Jake confirmed he's Ellie's father late last year.