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What made Matteo say 'YES' to 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

"She works differently." Find out who Matteo is talking about here:

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/28/2017 in News
What made Matteo say 'YES' to 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

"What made me say YES to the film was Direk Mae."

This was Matteo Guidicelli's straightforward answer when asked about what compelled him to get on board "Can't Help Falling In Love" as the third party in Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's characters.

"She's my favorite director," the 27-year-old actor noted during the bloggers conference for the film.

He went on to explain, "The way she works, the way we work, the way she directs the whole set is very different so I wanna do work with her again with different artists. 

"I wanted a new experience with different artists. She works differently."

Matteo then further explained how "different" Direk Mae is among others.

"She builds reality around you eh. She builds reality on the set, every director has their own style but Direk Mae talaga even the camera man, the audioman even the utility guy will feel the scene because of the environment she creates talaga," he relayed.

The singer-actor previously worked with Direk Mae in the primetime hit "Dolce Amore."

Now, Matteo plays the role of Jason Aguinaldo, Gab's (Kathryn) fiance in "Can't Help Falling In Love."

This Star Cinema "kilig" summer surprise is still showing in cinemas worldwide!