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Sofia, Diego define their relationship
Friends or lovers? Sofiego answers!
Regina Tabora
by Regina Tabora
4/21/2017 in News
Sofia, Diego define their relationship
Their love team may only be officially launching for the upcoming series “Pusong Ligaw,” but Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga’s team-up have already gained a large following ever since their “Forevermore” days.

Fans have already noticed their closeness both online and in real life, and now that they’re working together even more, we can’t help but ask: what is Sofiego’s status now?

The answer came during the media launch of “Pusong Ligaw” last April 19.

“We’re friends who love each other,” Diego said when asked if they are friends or lovers. “Sa panahon ngayon, hindi na kailangang lagyan ng label. Basta kami, nagkakaintindihan kami, ‘yun ‘yung mahalaga.”

The actor said that their closeness can’t be avoided because they’ve been there for each other since day one.

“Kilala ko na si Sofia nang buung-buo. ‘Yung friendship namin is the closest kind of friendship you can have with another person,” he said.

Sofia agreed and noted that they understand each other so much.

“Sobrang kilala ko na din siya eh, hindi siya puwedeng mag-lie sa akin, ganung kind of relationship,” she said.

They both affirmed that they’re not too focused on putting a label on what they have right now.

Diego said, “Wala kaming label, hindi kami nasa romantic relationship, kasi nagtratrabaho pa kami. Priority muna ang trabaho.”

“Pusong Ligaw” also stars Beauty Gonzalez, Bianca King, Enzo Pineda, Joem Bascon, and Raymond Bagatsing. It starts airing on Kapamilya Gold on April 24.