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‘Pusong Ligaw’ is a classic friendship story
Watch the making of “Pusong Ligaw” here!
Regina Tabora
by Regina Tabora
4/21/2017 in News
‘Pusong Ligaw’ is a classic friendship story
The making of “Pusong Ligaw” has been released and it gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the series, as well as more insight into the cast and characters of the show.

The video was uploaded on Star Creatives’ Facebook page today, April 21.

One of its directors Henry Quitain described the series as a “classic story of friendship,” as well as a “classic love story.”

Apart from the beautiful storyline and the impressive lineup of stars, the series also boasts of breathtaking cinematography that rivals any movie.

Watch more exclusive interviews by watching the video here:

“Pusong Ligaw” stars Beauty Gonzalez, Bianca King, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Enzo Pineda, Joem Bascon, and Raymond Bagatsing. Catch it on Kapamilya Gold starting April 24.