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6 times Ylona was an inspiration on Twitter

Ylona inspires and empowers even with the simplest moments like a Twitter party.

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/21/2017 in News
6 times Ylona was an inspiration on Twitter
When Ylona Garcia started an #AskYlona party on her Twitter account yesterday, April 20, we discovered a lot of things, such as her favorite songs and artists of the moment, as well as what makes her smile and keep going.

What we didn’t expect to discover about the singer was how wise she is beyond her years. She answered questions about happiness and achieving one’s dreams with such wit and sincerity that you wouldn’t expect from a 15-year-old girl.

Below are the six times she became an inspiration during her little Twitter game:

1. When she motivated girls who aren’t too confident about themselves.

When asked what she would say to young girls who aren’t so sure of themselves, Ylona answered, “When you wake up tomorrow, tell yourself you’re beautiful. Trust me ❤️”

Loving ourselves is perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn as women, and it’s never too late to start. ❤️

2. When she had an on-point answer about what happiness is.

Instead of saying happiness is having a lot of fame or wealth, Ylona answered that it’s “Being comfortable and confident with who you are😊.”

Such wise words from such a young girl, don’t you think?

3. When she upheld the importance of individuality.

One fan asked her “how to be you,” and the young singer stressed the importance of individuality.

“Step outside of the box and don't live up to anyone's expectations but yours. BE HAPPY,” she wrote.

In a world where being different is taboo, gather the courage to keep doing you!

4. When she admitted she gets her own bad days.

No one’s exempt from bad days, and what’s important for Ylona is to get back on track after them.

To get out of her rut, Ylona shares, “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & listen to music. 🎶”

Again, there are some days where we’ll be all alone and only have ourselves to rely on. Hype yourself!

5. When she expressed her support for all aspiring musicians.

At such a young age, Ylona has achieved so much: released her own album, took part in a reality show, tested her acting chops on television, and had her own digital concert. Ylona only had these simple words of support for everyone who are struggling to achieve their dreams:

“Keep doing what you’re doing because you're almost there. ❤️”

6. Lastly, when she gave her own super motivational quote.

Asked to pen her own quote, Ylona wrote, “Trust your instincts honey. Listen to your heart. Put on a big smile, go outside and say ‘Come at me world.’ - YG”

Really, it’s hard to believe this singer is only 15! Ylona’s proof that age doesn’t really matter when it comes to being a good influence to other people!

Ylona is a member of the “ASAP” girl group BFF5.