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2 sweetness overload videos, courtesy of Kim and Gerald!
Dudumugin ng langgam 'yang screen mo dahil sa Kimerald. Promise.
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
4/21/2017 in News
2 sweetness overload videos, courtesy of Kim and Gerald!

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson have just redefined what it means to be "sweethearts". 

KimErald's comeback had their fans shookt when it was announced late last year, and now a couple of months later, they continue to demonstrate that there's a reason why they're one of the most iconic love teams of their generation. The pair, who can generate more genuine sweetness than your average cupcake, may not be dating each other anymore but that doesn't mean that they can't make us all fall in love just the same!

Need evidence? Here are two videos of Kim and Gerald being silly and weird and just so unbelievably cute as they try to one-up each other at equally silly games. 

The first is from Metro Magazine's YouTube channel and it features the pair competing in some very physical things that show off their abilities as athletes.


Like arm wrestling, for example, which Gerald surprisingly lost. You know what's the most surprising thing though? It's as if all the years apart never happened. The kilig is the same, as if KimErald never broke up at all. Ang heartwarming!

They also had a little thumb war. 

Nag-hand slaps din sila, mga bes! Jusko, my KimErald heart!

Watch the full video here:

The second video is from Marie Lozano, and it featured KimErald playing "Tarantanong," a game where two people ask each other a series of questions. The first person to answer one, however, loses the game.

Not surprisingly, Kim won both rounds. Y'all know that Gerald has to defend his shoe size (LOL). 

See that chemistry? Ibang-iba talaga!

Watch the full video here:

You should expect more KimErald kilig in their upcoming television series, "Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin" where they will play novices in the triathlon world. You should also watch out for their individual projects! Kim is set to star in the upcoming horror flick "Ghost Bride," to be directed by legendary filmmaker Chito Rono. Meanwhile, Gerald will star in the upcoming film, "Can We Still Be Friends?" with his "Always Be My Maybe" leading lady Arci Munoz.