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10 things we learned about Kisses from #AskKisses18
Kisses talks independence, celebrating her debut, and Marco in #AskKisses18
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
4/21/2017 in News
10 things we learned about Kisses from #AskKisses18
"Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" 2nd Big Placer Kisses Delavin shared details of her 18th birthday celebration yesterday, April 20, with the most magical people on Earth -- the netizens of Twitterverse.

The "Miracle Daughter ng Masbate" answered questions about her upcoming debut into womanhood this coming May 1 and she did it in typical Kisses fashion -- with grace and humility. 

Here are the 10 things we learned about the newly minted Star Magic artist. Hope you enjoy!

1. Debut details!

2. Is Kisses entertaining suitors?

3. May birthday production nga ba si Kisses?

4. Is Kisses opening her doors to YouTube's possibilities?

5. Here's Kisses' advice to her younger self!

6. The first thing na gagawin ni Kisses when she turns 18?

7. Apparently, Kisses is a chess aficionado!

8. Oh no, our KissMarc hearts! T_T

9. 18 and independent na nga ba si Kisses?

10. Kisses loves her fans for sure!