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Joshua, Julia are part of the #AlienSquad in new movie?

JoshLia gives an unusual twist to love stories in upcoming movie

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/18/2017 in News
Joshua, Julia are part of the #AlienSquad in new movie?
JoshLia fans, the long wait is over. Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto are getting another movie!

The story conference for their upcoming movie happened today, April 18, and it gives a new and unusual take to the love story.

Written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, it’s a film about a boy who falls in love with a girl… who loves and believes in aliens.

“Si Joshua… hindi siya naniniwala sa aliens pero dahil nagustuhan niya si Julia sa unang pagkakita niya na baliw-baliwang babae, na-endear siya sa kanya, sinakyan niya 'yung pagkagusto ni Julia sa aliens,” Direk Tonet explained.

She further explained that from their weird start on aliens blossoms into a great love.

“Dalawang weird na tao nag-meet lang to be weird together,” she said. “In the process they will experience in their young age, a love na hindi nae-experience ng millennials their age.”

Of course, both Joshua and Julia are excited for the movie.

“We’re just very thankful, full of gratitude kasi malaki 'yung trust na binigay sa'min ni Josh and we just want to make the most of it and we don’t want to let anyone down,” Julia said.

The pair further related that their characters would be very different from their roles in “Vince and Kath and James.”

“‘Yung role na gagawin ko dito not something I’ve done before,” Julia shared.

Direk Tonet also related that she’s excited to work with the love team because of the freshness they bring.

“Sincere ng acting nila [sa ‘VKJ’], ‘yun ‘yung nakita ko sa kanilang dalawa, very sincere… ‘yung parang hindi umaarte, 'yung na-feel mo talaga ‘yung heartaches ng first love, ‘yung kilig ng first love,” she said.

She further mentioned that even when they were just pitching the story, Joshua and Julia already met her expectations.

“Si Joshua nung nagpi-pitch nung story… naiyak siya… parang na-feel ko ‘yung sincerity niya na ang dali niyang nakapasok sa character niya kahit konti palang naman 'yung nabibigay namin na details sa character,” Direk Tonet shared.

“Si Julia natuwa ako sa kanya kasi sinabi niya sa'kin… ‘Direk when you write the script, don’t worry about my image, what I can or cannot do, just write the script first para walang limitations…’ so parang dun pa lang, on a good start na kami… We’re going to make a movie na sincere and isang fun movie lang na walang masyadong pressure.”

No other details have been revealed yet, but they’re looking to release the movie this year.

With the interesting plot and JoshLia’s undeniable chemistry, we absolutely can’t wait for it!