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Get to know the characters of ‘Pusong Ligaw’

The back stories of “Pusong Ligaw” characters, revealed!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/18/2017 in News
Get to know the characters of ‘Pusong Ligaw’
With less than a week before “Pusong Ligaw” premieres on television, anticipation is running high on all the drama the series is going to deliver.

Apart from the dramatic scenes, the lives of the “Pusong Ligaw” characters are full of strife as well. Read on to get to know the characters even more and fuel your excitement for the show!

Beauty Gonzalez as Tessa

Tessa puts in her all when it comes to achieving her dream of being a designer and finding love, but everything falls apart when her best friend Marga (Bianca King) seduces her boyfriend Caloy (Joem Bascon). Forced to face life on her own, Tessa is bent on serving revenge on all who have wronged her.

Bianca King as Marga

Marga is an aspiring model with beauty and talent, but is never given opportunities to shine. Overshadowed by her best friend Tessa’s success, Marga clings on to Caloy to keep her from falling apart. A woman with unfulfilled dreams, Marga hopes to accomplish her dreams through her daughter Marga.

Sofia Andres as Vida

Vida dreams of becoming a renowned designer like Tessa, but is shunned by her mother Marga. Fueled by her drive to succeed, Vida chooses to leave home and reach for the stars.

Diego Loyzaga as Potpot

A happy-go-lucky guy, Potpot will do anything for his family. Inspired by his desire to give them a better life, Potpot will stop at nothing to give his family all that they deserve.

Enzo Pineda as Rafael

Rafael only wants to prove himself to his dad Jaime (Raymond Bagatsing), who will only settle for perfection. Lost and unable to give what his father wants, he clings to his mom Tessa for support. Will he be able to find a love that will make him see the light again?

Joem Bascon as Caloy

Caloy is a romantic at heart, and will do anything to keep Tessa in his life. She turns away from him after he gets involved with Marga. Will Caloy be able to find the forgiveness he needs to make his heart whole again?

Raymond Bagatsing as Jaime

Heartbroken over his wife’s death, Jaime finds a prize in the desolate Tessa and takes her in. Will the love he finds in her make him feel alive again?

Catch “Pusong Ligaw” when it premieres on Kapamilya Gold on April 24!