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Yong, Edward charm as ‘Inside Showbiz’ cover boys!

Edward shares this cute detail about his friendship with Yong

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

4/17/2017 in News
Yong, Edward charm as ‘Inside Showbiz’ cover boys!
We’ve always admired Yong Muhajil and Edward Barber’s friendship from afar, in awe of how two very different guys became “brothers,” now we’ve finally gotten closer look on it. All in Inside Showbiz’ latest feature.

“Edward Barber and Yong Muhajil are set to take challenges in their young career in showbiz. The boys of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 talk candidly about their lives before joining the show, thoughts on fame, dreams in life, and yes, their dream girls and love teams,” it said on the caption of the cover.
Inside Showbiz also posted snapshots of the former “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” housemates and shared this bit about their friendship:
“’Yong and I became close because even if we don’t understand each other, the house has a way of bringing you together,’ Edward Barber on this closest friend in PBB Lucky 7, Yong Muhajil.”