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Andi hits back at 'so shallow' people

Andi calls Jake ‘the stereotypical prince charming’

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

4/16/2017 in News
Andi hits back at 'so shallow' people

Andi Eigenmann isn’t having any of the comments she’s been receiving about her boyfriend Emilio Arambulo and that they don’t look good together. 

When asked to comment about it on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” Online Exclusive, this is what she said. 

“On Instagram, that’s what I see. Hindi ko alam… Actually, I don’t know! We’re so bagay!” Andi exclaimed. “We’re both rainbow warriors!” 

She pointed out that her relationship with Emilio is so much more than what meets the eye and other people’s opinion on that don’t really matter to them. 

“They don’t know him. It’s normal for some people to always be so shallow, and that’s it’s really the least of our worries. It never really bothers us, because our love goes deeper than what people see,” she said. 

Andi then gave her theory why people are coming up with this idea. 

“Maybe [it’s because] I came from the stereotypical prince charming, you know?” She explained. “Jake is so handsome and just like everybody loves him.” 

 Then she added, “I have nothing bad to say about it, it’s just that we grew apart and maybe we’re just not meant to be and this is the person that I’m made for.”