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10 lessons to learn from 'A Love To Last'

Contemplating on what we've learned from Andeng (Bea), Anton (Ian), Grace (Iza), Chloe (Julia) + more

Isabella Cuartero
Isabella Cuartero

4/13/2017 in News
10 lessons to learn from 'A Love To Last'

Star Creatives series “A Love To Last” mirrors the reality of a blended family. It portrays the inevitable challenges alongside the situation when the father and the mother separate and consequently find someone new. Here, every character has their strengths and flaws. Each one has a lesson to share, a story to tell. Here's what we've picked up from them:

1.    Andeng (Bea Alonzo)

Never give up on love. For Andeng, every problem has a solution, hence her motto, “Laban lang!”

2.    Anton (Ian Veneracion)

Always believe in second chances. Be passionate about your profession.

3.    Grace (Iza Calzado)

Love is not a one-way street. For Grace, there’s no turning back to love.

4.    Chloe (Julia Barretto)

Love is based on friendship. Chloe is an epitome of a resilient woman. She’s there to support the people who matter, from her family down to her friends.

5.    Tupe (Ronnie Alonte)

Love is being true to yourself. People may call him jologs, baduy, or whatever, but at the end of the day, Tupe teaches us that humility is key. His friendship with Chloe kept his feet on the ground, made him comfortable about himself.

6.    Baby (Irma Adlawan)

A mother’s love is never conditional. Always with the best interest in mind, Baby Agoncillo treats Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and Andrew (Enchong Dee) equally. Although Andrew’s not her biological child, she loves him as if he was her own.

7.    Lucas (JK Labajo)

Love is looking out for family at all times. Lucas wants nothing but the best for the Nobles; his optimism is admirable.

8.    Kitty (Hannah Vito)

Love is always kind and helpful. This little ball of sunshine is sure to turn any frown upside down.

9. Andrew (Enchong Dee)

Love is not just limited to someone you  want to love. Andrew may not be exactly related to the Agoncillos by blood, but he shows love, respect, and compassion just the same. He is their family and he wants them to always feel that.

10.    Mang Jordan (Dwight Gaston)

Love is bridging the gap between people. We have to thank Mang Jordan for being Anton’s motivator in more ways than one.

LOVE here in this teleserye does not only pertain to the romantic sense, but also on the facets of family, self, and friends.

“A Love To Last” airs weeknights on Primetime Bida after “My Dear Heart.” Visit their website at www.alovetolast.ph!