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5 candid KathNiel moments that make us believe in love

If you can't help but fall in love with Kathniel, then you need to see this.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

4/11/2017 in News
5 candid KathNiel moments that make us believe in love
The "Can't Help Falling in Love" hype train is in full swing, and whether it be in a press conference, a sit-down interview or a mall show, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have served up all the kilig we could ever want in this lifetime.

From candid cheek kisses to the automatic way their hands seem to find each other at any given opportunity, KathNiel just can't help but make us all fall in love with them, and it seems like they too can't help but make themselves fall in love with each other. 

This fact is extra-emphasized in their exclusive Q&A with MYX posted just this April 7!

Here are the top 5 candid, not-get-over-able moments where KathNiel made us feel butterflies in that interview:

1. This. 

Our bet is that he whispered, "I love you" but you know we could be wrong...except that we wish we're not!

2. And this.


That's everything. 

3. OMG this too!

Was he leaning in for a kiss or were we just imagining things? LOL!

4. THIS!

Call the ambulance because we're dying from kilig!


Look at their hands! OMG!

Excited ka na ba for "Can't Help Falling in Love"?

In the film, Gab (Kathryn) is a "close to perfect girl" who's already set to wed her long-time boyfriend Jayson (Matteo). But her world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers that she is already married - but to a total stranger named Dos (Daniel)!

As she figures out with Dos how this unlikely incident happened between them, Gab starts breaking her own rules to survive their crazily confusing situation. But with the changes in her well-planned life seems to come a change of heart as well. Oh no! 

Will she walk down the aisle towards her long-time lover, or will she take the plunge with a perfect stranger?

Let's all find out the answer to these questions this April 15 when "Can't Help Falling In Love" hits cinemas!

This "kilig" summer surprise is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar.