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Kim completes first duathlon race

Achievement unlocked for the now-athletic Kim!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/6/2017 in News
Kim completes first duathlon race

Kim Chiu couldn’t be prouder over finishing her very first duathlon race yesterday, March 5.

The actress shared in a series of Instagram posts last night just how challenging - and fulfilling - the race was.

“I know I didn't have enough time to train within a month but since I want adventure and thrills.. here I am!!!! I took the challenge! trained extra hard in between taping and shooting and waking up at 4am or 5am,” she wrote.

She added that she learned more about herself while training for the race.

“[I learned] how strong I can be, how far I can go and overcoming the pains, body pain, cramps, etc. Pain makes you stronger, pain gives you the opportunity to become better! You just have to keep pushing until you get your goal, to finish strong!!!”

She added, “During the race all I had was my faith, determination and drive to achieve this one goal... to get that finisher medal!!! achievement unlocked!!! Now I can call myself a certified DUATHLETE!!!”


Kim finished a total of eight kilometers of running and 25 kilometers of cycling, where she encountered a number of problems, such as cramps and asthma attacks.

“There will always be obstacles that sometimes you want to give up. Akala mo ‘di mo na kaya but you just have to believe in yourself, trust yourself and everything else will follow,” she said. “One good thing also is that a lot of people are cheering ‘GO KIM!’ Racers, spectators, watchers mga thousand times sinasabi go kim!!! Pag dumadaan sila or ako. hahaha thank you sa inyo!!!”




Kim will also be playing an athlete in her upcoming TV series, “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin.”

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