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EXCLUSIVE: Elmo was the 'super' guy behind birthday surprise for Janella!

Elmo reveals his birthday gift + best thing about Janella in this #ReelxReal Exclusive!

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

3/31/2017 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Elmo was the 'super' guy behind birthday surprise for Janella!
A super girl like Janella Salvador deserves a super birthday surprise and that's what her on-screen partner Elmo Magalona exactly did for her.

Janella, who turned 19 last March 30, was given a super pink birthday salubong which Elmo himself planned with the help of his mom and manager Pia Magalona and showbiz friends Joj and Jai Martin.

He spilled the deets with us last night at the sidelines of the "Ikaw Ang Sunshine Ko" ABS-CBN Trade Launch.

The young singer-actor related, "We were still shooting in Zambales but I had my mom help me since she's in Manila. I had her help me fix things para maayos 'yung salubong. 

"Luckily, we got to her house before midnight. So birthday salubong talaga siya. Nauna ako, then our friends, Joj and Jai, were also there to spend her birthday with her. They helped me surprise her for her birthday. It was really fun."

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Apart from organizing the salubong, Elmo also deserves a lot of applause for going out of his way in finding the perfect birthday gift for Janella.

"They're not really that expensive but they're these slippers that she's been looking for for a long time," he revealed.

It's been a year since ElNella was born (through the red string of fate *wink*), and Elmo and Janella's friendship has grown stronger, so much so that they've been romantically linked already. 

Elmo, for his part, doesn't shy away from his admiration for the uber-talented singer-actress and how she inspires him to be more comfortable in his own skin.

"The best thing about Janella is she's always being herself," Elmo related. "She's not afraid to be herself in front of people she may not even know, but especially to those people she's really close. 

"She's always wants to be herself, so you would want to be yourself also kasi she makes everyone feel comfortable. Of course, her voice is what makes her special." 

Even his birthday greeting for Janella is filled with affection, the key words in the caption being: "you put a smile on people's faces including myself," "beautiful soul," and "Kitty" (term of endearment?). 

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The two will headline another teleserye called "Kung Kailangan Mo Ako," among other projects.