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Raikko receives surprise gift from Piolo

Piolo is one sweet “dad” to Raikko!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/29/2017 in News
Raikko receives surprise gift from Piolo
Piolo Pascual and Raikko Mateo played father and son in “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” and it looks like they’ve taken their bond to real life.

The Ultimate Leading Man gave the child actor a top-of-the-line smartphone as a thank-you gift earlier today, March 29.

Along with the phone came a handwritten note from Piolo, which Raikko shared on his Instagram account.

“My son, thank you for being the best son in this film. I’ll miss you and your pogi face,” the note read.

“Always remember I’ll be here for you no matter what happens. Stay humble, sweet and pogi," Piolo added.

Raikko is one lucky kid!

“Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” directed by Dondon Santos and produced by Regal Films, Spring Films, and Star Cinema, is a story about love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Charlie Sr. (Piolo Pascual) is a free-spirited bachelor living the life underneath the majestic northern lights of Alaska. When his estranged son Charlie Jr. (Raikko Mateo) comes into his life, he is forced to face his past, atone for his mistakes, and learn to love again.

Helping him in his journey for redemption is Angel (Yen Santos), who went to Alaska to look for her mother and eventually discover who she really is.

In their search to find themselves, will Charlie Sr. and Angel be able to get not just what they want, but what they need as well? Would they find the strength to forgive and love again?

Find out by watching “Northern Lights,” now showing in cinemas nationwide!