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More birthday greetings for sweet girl Kathryn

Plus, some never-before-seen "kilig" photos of Kathryn and Daniel! #QueenKathryn21stBirthdayHangover

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

3/28/2017 in News
More birthday greetings for sweet girl Kathryn
Kathryn Bernardo received an overflowing amount of love last Sunday, March 26, as she celebrated her 21st birthday.

And when we say "overflowing," we really mean it.

Need proof? 

After the first batch of her birthday greetings yesterday, we've compiled another set of greetings from her friends inside and outside showbiz.

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From her friends in showbiz...

To these self-confessed fans turned to friends...

To her glam team...


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The most "ma-effort" greeting award~ goes to... Thou Reyes!

The funniest greeting award~ goes to... Alora Sasam!

And the sweetest greetings award~ go to John Valle and Macky Combe.

"SWEET" because of the never-before-seen "kilig" photos of Kathryn and her "BAL" Daniel Padilla!

Indeed, it was a HAPPY birthday for Kathryn! <3

Meanwhile, the Queen of Hearts will once again grace the big screen in "Can't Help Falling In Love" with Daniel.

Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, this Star Cinema kilig summer surprise will show us how fate will bring together two strangers, named Gab (Kathryn) and Dos (Daniel), who accidentally got married. 

How? Why? When? Where? And... what?! 

Will Dos heed Gab's request of agreeing to an annulment (as soon as possible, take note!)? 

Will the process be that easy or something will get in the way? 

We'll find out when "Can't Help Falling In Love" hits cinemas this April 15!