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The most iconic Filipina artists, honored by MEGA

Kapamilya women, including Charo, Angel, Liza, Bea, Kathryn, and Sharon, dominate MEGA's 25 Most Iconic list

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/27/2017 in News
The most iconic Filipina artists, honored by MEGA
Strength—that is what defines the 19 Kapamilya stars honored by Mega Magazine's 25 Most Iconic list. 

They are actors, artists, dreamers who persevered, created and now, inspire us all to think outside the box, and believe in ourselves enough to push beyond our boundaries. 

These 17 inspiring Filipinas possess grace, beauty, and most of all: a preposition for hard work. With these women, we see "tiis-ganda" at work in its most profound level. 

Meet some of MEGA's Most Iconic here:

1. Sharon Cuneta

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MEGA Magazine calls Sharon, "The ultimate Mega Star."

They continue, "With a career spanning decades, filled with accolades, endorsements, TV shows, records, and box office hits, how do we even begin to describe Sharon. She is a MEGA Woman through and through. Not just because of the similarities in titles, but because she embodies the essence of being one. She defined a generation and continues to extend this influence up to today."

"There will never be another one like her."

2. Charo Santos-Concio

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After nearly two decades as ABS-CBN's CEO and President, Charo now serves as ABS-CBN's Chief Content Officer and University President. 

MEGA Magazine writes, "Where do we even begin? She is a Power Woman. Her illustrious career spanning decades is unparalleled. Transitioning from being part of the show to the person who runs the show has allowed her to achieve the status she enjoys today. She is a powerhouse and larger than life."

"She is a MEGA Woman from head to toe because despite what she has achieved, she continues to exceed expectations."

3. Lea Salonga

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"A living legend," is how MEGA tagged Lea.

"She is a global force to be reckoned with. She commands any room she enters and owns any stage she performs on. With a voice as clear as crystal, she has and continues to make Filipinos proud, and despite achieving international success, she manages to remain grounded with utmost humility. She is the epitome of a MEGA Woman."

4. Judy Ann Santos

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MEGA writes, "Apart from her legendary acting career, Judy Ann, or Juday as she is fondly called, redefined the meaning of beauty for her generation."

"At a time when fashion magazines dictated what beauty was and could be, her transformation with MEGA paved the way for the democratization of beauty in the industry. In many respects, she is revolutionary."

5. Bea Alonzo

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MEGA describes the Movie Queen as:

"A woman of exceptional beauty, a characteristic that can often intimidate. But the truth of the matter is, she’s quite approachable and relatable. Her career has taken her to new heights, but she has never been one to rest on her laurels."

"She aspires to learn continuously and to forge ahead by making decisions that would only move her career and personal life forward, never backward. And that is what makes her a MEGA Woman."

6. Bianca Gonzalez

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The magazine writes about Bianca, "She has always championed the morena beauty of the Filipina. She’s known to be a fervent believer in her core values and an outspoken woman of integrity – traits that have caught the admiration of many. She is a MEGA Woman because she is fearless and is not afraid to be herself."

7. Angel Locsin

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A true icon, Angel is unstoppable.

MEGA writes, "As an accomplished actress, it’s interesting to know that Angel’s charm is all about how she makes people feel around her. She hasn’t let success get to her head and she’s always exercised professionalism. She has always been kind and pleasant to everyone."

"We all know she’s been through tough times, but like the MEGA Woman she is, she emerged victorious – a true inspiration to us all."

8. KC Concepcion

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"A little over the turn of the new millennium only one name was on everyone's lips—KC Concepcion," MEGA tells.

"Fresh-faced and full of potential and possibilities, she was meant to break out and make it big. Years later she has come into a woman of her own, tucking achievements under her belt such as hit TV shows, box-office breaking films, as well as championing advocacies as National Ambassador Against Hunger of the United Nations' World Food Programme."

"A woman of her own accord, KC Concepcion is nothing short of being iconic."

9. Anne Curtis

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MEGA calls Anne, "the quintessential IT girl."

The continue, "A breath of fresh air with an extraordinary appeal that traverses all ages and social brackets, she brought an entire new brand to the leading lady role. Her personality is as effusive as her sparkling career and she carries this wherever she goes. She has the natural ability to position herself as a style icon through her work, and because of this, she is unforgettable."

10. Sarah Geronimo

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"She sings, she dances, she acts – a triple threat. She has come a long way from her meek beginnings in a singing contest to eventually securing her place in show business as the Pop Princess, and one of her generations biggest and brightest stars. She is a MEGA Woman [who] has remained humble and grounded no matter where her success has taken her," Mega writes. 

11. Angelica Panganiban

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MEGA writes about Angelica, "In her, there is a juxtaposition of two stark personalities that people have witnessed. Her transformation from a sweet, naïve wunderkid into a full fledged woman of character and strength is a journey that has been available to the public eye."

"She is complex, but accessible, and this, along with her many facets, has made her the Mega Woman that she is today."

12. Erich Gonzales

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"A deviation from the stereotypical leading lady, Erich has this quiet confidence that does not require her to go for gimmickry to be noticed. She’s not into false pretenses because she is who she is – a woman who knows what she wants," Mega describes Erich.

"She exudes this unassuming strength and resilience that allows her to overcome any challenges that come her way."

13. Maja Salvador

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"Her zest for life is palpable," Mega writes about Maja.

"She is the life of the party and this is what gravitates people to her. She has a modest likability that not all women have. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is also extremely talented and that she’s passionate about her craft. She is a MEGA Woman because she is living proof that hard work and determination pay off."

14. Kim Chiu

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Mega writes, "It’s hard not to root for this darling. She is charm personified. She’s come a long way from that naïve unassuming girl fresh out of a reality TV show to the gorgeous and confident woman she is today."

They continue, "Throughout the years, she has indeed grown a lot and because she is a MEGA Woman, it’s pretty safe to assume that we will be seeing many more great things from her."

15. Julia Barretto

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"Being a Barretto has certainly been interesting for this young woman," the magazine says about Julia.

"Being preceded by equally beautiful relatives who were the faces of their generation made it a little bit harder for her to breakthrough. But she managed to do it. With the right amount of patience and perseverance, has taken her time to really discover who she is and pave her own path. And where she is now is just the beginning."

16. Pia Wurtzbach

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She might have finished her reign, but Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurttzbach continues to intrigue us all.

MEGA writes, "They say timing is everything. And this couldn’t have been more true for Pia. Despite facing a couple of rejections, she was a woman on a mission. As the country’s 3rd Miss Universe title holder, she owned her every inch of the crown and made the most out of her reign."

"In her own way, she redefined what it meant to be a beauty queen. Now that her reign is over, she is about to embark on another journey and we are sure it will be just as memorable."

17. Liza Soberano

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"Liza was born to be a star," says MEGA, "with a face that could launch a thousand ships, it was easy to dismiss her as just another pretty face. But stars like her are once in a lifetime."

They continue, "Proving herself as a worthy actress, she captivated the hearts of both men and women alike. This is just the beginning for this MEGA Woman. One can tell that her career has longevity written all over it."

18. Kathryn Bernardo

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"She elevated the girl next door image and made it cool again to be a teen star. She is an icon of her generation because of the influence and impact she has had. She is a star. And it’s undeniable that countless young girls aspire to be like her."

Addressing Kathryn's relationship with her on-screen partner Daniel Padilla, MEGA writes, "She paved the way for a lot of young stars today and she (along with her charming partner) brought back the spark to the love team game."

19. Nadine Lustre

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"Success didn’t come easy for Nadine," writes MEGA Magazine.

"She had her fair share of challenges and obstacles. And if her story is any indication, hard work and patience do prevail in the end. Another phenomenon that took the country by storm together with her dashing partner (James Reid), she is now reaping the fruits of all her labor."

They continue, "And as another proud morena beauty, she exudes a genuine disposition that certainly helped catapult her to the pinnacle of success. We’re quite confident we are going to see a lot more from her in the future."

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