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Queen Kathryn at 21: El Nido, Daniel, and the sweetest birthday greetings ever

A collection of photos + greetings for Kathryn's 21st birthday!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/27/2017 in News
Queen Kathryn at 21: El Nido, Daniel, and the sweetest birthday greetings ever
Queen of Hearts Kathryn Bernardo officially became an adult yesterday, March 26, and she bid farewell to her teenage years with a fun, intimate 21st birthday bash at picturesque El Nido, Palawan.

A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) on


A post shared by Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) on

Joining the birthday girl was her "since Day 1" squad, on-and-off screen leading man Daniel Padilla, Khalil Ramos, and long-time BFF Arisse de Santos.

Looks fun right?

Kathryn also received her fair share of birthday greetings and by that I mean everyone—from fans to friends to bosses—sent in their birthday messages. A Queen turns 21 only once, after all. 

Here are some of the greetings:

1. Mommy Min Bernardo

A post shared by Min Bernardo (@bernardomin) on

Mommy Min addressed her daughter, "Happy 21st birthday anak! Thanks for being a good daughter, sister, and a good person. Always remember keep your feet on the ground and more blessings will come your way."

2. Karla Estrada

A post shared by KARLA ESTRADA (@karlaestrada1121) on

Queen Mother wrote, "Happy Birthday Kath! Maraming salamat sa ligayang binigay mo sa aming pamilya lalo na sa aking anak na si Daniel.🌸🌸❤❤😘😘"

3. Arisse de Santos 

A post shared by Arisse de Santos (@arissedsnts) on


A post shared by Arisse de Santos (@arissedsnts) on

"She is finally legal," Arisse wrote, "Thank you for being the yin to my yang (or is it yang to my yin?) HAHA whatever it is you get me. 😅😂 Love you 🎂"

3. Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar

A post shared by Mae Cruz Alviar (@maecruzalviar) on

"I first worked with Kathryn in Krystala back in 2004. It has been 13 years since then and still she remains to be the same sweet girl. She may be a big star today but she will always be Bulinggit in my eyes. Love you, Kath! Happy, happy 21st birthday!" Direk Mae wrote. 

Direk Mae directed Kathryn and Daniel's upcoming Star Cinema film, "Can't Help Falling In Love."

4. Miles Ocampo 

5. Star Music head Sir Roxy Liquigan

6. Star Cinema ad prom director Mico del Rosario

A post shared by Mico Del Rosario (@micodelrosario1) on

Sir Mico wrote, "Happiest birthday @bernardokath! Thank you for being the awesome girl that you are!"

7. Magui Ford

A post shared by Magui🌻 (@maguifordp) on

Daniel Padilla's little sister wrote for Kath:

"Happy happy Birthday, Ate Kath!! 🎉 You're finally 21!! Thank you for always being there as a sister to me 😌 Stay kind and continue inspiring those around you. Love you and you know I'm always here for you!! ❤️ I'll see you when you get back 👯."

8. Carmi Raymundo

A post shared by Carmi Raymundo (@carmiraymundo) on

Carmi wrote, "Happiest birthday to the one who gave life to our Athena, Kelay, Jackie, Mia, Celine and now, Gabriela. We love you @bernardokath! Stay humble and hungry for growth." wrote Carmi.

Carmi served as the screenwriter for most of KathNiel's hit movies. Most recently, she wrote "Can't Help Falling in Love" as well as KathNiel's 2016 blockbuster hit drama, "Barcelona: A Love Untold," with its director Olivia M. Lamasan.

9. Carmina Villarroel

Carmina wrote, "Happy happy birthday @bernardokath 🎂 wishing you more happiness, blessings and good health. So proud of you! 👍 stay humble, sweet and pretty! 😊 miss and love you. 😘"

Mina worked with Kathryn - and Daniel - in the hit primetime series "Got 2 Believe."

10. Joshua Garcia

Joshua was Kathryn's co-star in 2016's "Barcelona: A Love Untold."

Happy 21st Birthday Kathryn! ❤️