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Angel puts rude netizen back to his place

Ooh burn! Basher gets a well-deserved whooping by Angel Locsin!

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

3/26/2017 in News
Angel puts rude netizen back to his place

Nope. Not today, basher. You’re not gonna take away Angel Locsin’s shine. Not ever. 

One rude netizen under the username “warlord_999” learned this the hard way when Angel herself gave him a taste of his own medicine. 

It began when he posted a lengthy comment on one of Angel’s Instagram photos saying that she needs to step up her in curating  her feed because it looks “boring.” 

It caught the Kapamilya star’s attention and she simply replied, “So? Paki mo” and added a smiley face. 


For some reason, the basher took that as a signal to keep going and even dared to give Angel some tips on how he thinks her feed would look more interesing. 

And that’s where the whooping started. Angel took her turn and gave the guy some tips on how to make HIS photo look more interesting. “Walang art. Mali angle at lighting,” she said. 


It went on for a few more exchanges, the basher even calling Angel a 6 out or 10 and Angel pointing out that this human being is probably going through some troubles in his life. 



Angel ended it by explaining that she was just relieving stress giving her “bastos” basher what he deserved before going back to her fabulous life. 

“Ok buys na ko uli,” she said. “thanks guys for the stress reliever & entertainment” with hearts and kisses emojis. 


And props to you, Angel, for showing everyone how to properly slay a bully!