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Piolo Pascual takes on The Acting Challenge

Papa P reenacts lines from “Starting Over Again,” “Northern Lights” with a cute twist

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/23/2017 in News
Piolo Pascual takes on The Acting Challenge
We all know Piolo Pascual is a master of acting: he isn’t called the Ultimate Leading Man for nothing. But during his Star Cinema Chat yesterday, March 22, Papa P’s acting prowess was tested when he took on the “millennial” version of The Acting Challenge.

The mechanics were simple: he had to reenact a scene using a surprise prop, which could be anything from a Willy Wonka hat to an emergency lamp.

Here’s what went down:

The prop: Emergency lamp
The scene: “ I deserved an explanation…” from “Starting Over Again”

Papa P initially had no idea how to use the lamp as a prop, but he decided on turning it to a makeshift microphone. He even playfully “tested” the mic before delivering his line!

When the time came for him to say the line, he seriously looked at the camera and did his best impersonation of a rock star (complete with raspy voice!), but immediately turned goofy after he finished the scene.

“Hindi talaga ako pang-comedy,” he said with a laugh.

The prop: Willy Wonka hat/ Lucky girl
The scene: “Are you London bridge?” from “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love”

The Ultimate Leading Man first picked the Willy Wonka hat from the prop bowl, but since he couldn’t quite figure out how to use it, he swapped it for a lucky girl who stood in for his leading lady Yen Santos.

Of course, Piolo delivered the line with flair, and our lucky girl couldn’t do anything but hold on to Papa P.

Piolo even mentioned that he objected to saying the pickup line from the movie as he deemed it “baduy,” but he pulled it off quite flawlessly, didn’t he?

No matter how old he gets, Piolo still manages to make us feel all kilig inside <3

Watch more of him in “Northern Lights: A Journey to Love,” a film directed by Dondon Santos and produced by Regal Films, Spring Films, and Star Cinema. It is a story about love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Charlie Sr. (Piolo) is a free-spirited bachelor living the life underneath the majestic northern lights of Alaska. When his estranged son Charlie Jr. (Raikko Mateo) comes into his life, he is forced to face his past, atone for his mistakes, and learn to love again.

Helping him in his journey for redemption is Angel (Yen Santos), who went to Alaska to look for her mother and eventually discover who she really is.

In their search to find themselves, will Charlie Sr. and Angel be able to get not just what they want, but what they need as well? Would they find the strength to forgive and love again?

Find out when “Northern Lights” opens in cinemas on March 29!

Watch the full Star Cinema Chat here: