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How Barbie Imperial is dealing with her ex

Barbie makes a few revelations about her breakup

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

3/21/2017 in News
How Barbie Imperial is dealing with her ex
Barbie Imperial hinted that hearsays became one of the main problems why she and her ex-boyfriend decided to breakup.
She shared this when asked by Enzo Pineda why there were other people who got involved in the breakup during an episode of Kapamilya Chat released Monday, March 20.
Barbie explained, "Maraming nadamay kasi mga maling hinala, ganoon. Parang hindi pa naman talaga alam kung ano 'yung totoo parang nakikinig sa sinasabi ng iba.”
The “Langit Lupa” actress cleared that her unnamed ex-boyfriend is really a nice guy but loses control of his emotions when he gets upset.
“Itong guy kasi mabait siya, pero kapag galit, kahit sino naman 'di ba nadadala talaga?” she said. “So ngayon, parang nag-decide na better na [mag-break].”
Barbie admitted that the breakup really affected her but knows that she has to move on. “Sa una, masakit talaga pero kailangan mong mag-move on from mga bagay. And ngayong happy na ulit.”
It may not have been the best breakup, but Barbie maintains that she does not harbor any ill feelings towards her ex and said that she would greet him if she sees him around.
"'Di pa kami nagkikita. Pero ako kasi 'pag 'yung tao may something na nag-end, sinisimulan ko na babatiin ko pa rin. Kasi alam ko sa sarili ko 'pag sinimulan ko 'yung pagiging bitter, tuluy-tuloy talaga. So binabati ko talaga, 'Uy, Musta?' ganon."
Now that she has moved past the bitterness, the former GirlTrends member said she is now back to being “#Happy.”

Barbie recently starred in an "Ipaglaban Mo" episode with Enzo.