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Tanner on Tyler: ‘Siyempre there's competition’
Tanner talks about the best thing about Philippine showbiz
Marty Hsu
by Marty Hsu
3/20/2017 in News
Tanner on Tyler: ‘Siyempre there's competition’
There’s not much difference between Tanner Mata and his twin brother Tyler Mata, at least on the physical aspect. Their face and height are so similar, there’s really no point in deciding who looks better.
This is actually the same reason they find each other as a competitor.
“He looks exactly like me and he's my yin to the yang, you know. So, siyempre there's competition, but I also think we work really well together,” said Tanner in an interview with PEP.
However, he explained, "But the competition also pushes each other higher and higher, so I think it will just kind of boost us. We wanna boost each other up as much as I can."
Their brotherly competition is probably higher now that Tanner is gaining more and more supporters by the day since he came out of the “Pinoy Big Brother” house, something he admitted he’s still trying to get a hang of.
“My stay in the 'PBB' house has made a huge difference in my life. I mean, to come out and realize that I have tons of supporters now, a new career of mine, and to just kind of get thrown into a showbiz career, I'm adjusting but, really, I'm just trying to get into it. I'm enjoying a lot so far,” he said.
"I did not expect to have many supporters. I mean, just maraming-maraming salamat to all of my supporters,” he added. “And I hope you guys keep supporting me and I promise that I'll try to meet all of you guys and impress every one of them."
While getting used to all the attention he’s getting, Tanner is also taking every opportunity he can get. "Siyempre I wanted to pursue showbiz. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities I'm getting right now."
One thing he really likes about Philippine showbiz is the authenticity he sees in it. 

He explained, "Most of the time, when you go to showbiz, it's like, I guess, in the US where I'm from, it's very, very fake in a sense of like acting.”
He added, "You know, when you're acting is, like, 'Okay, I gotta act this out.' But when you go to teleseryes here, it's almost like it's real, like you feel it."
"So sana, you guys will be seeing a lot of me soon." 

We hope so too, Tanner!