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Our Best Dressed picks from the MYX Music Awards 2017
MayWard, Ylona, Kisses, Sharlene + more are our Best Dressed stars from the MYX Music Awards
Chandral Selim
by Chandral Selim
3/17/2017 in News
Our Best Dressed picks from the MYX Music Awards 2017

Camo was the name of the game at last night's (March 16) MYX Music Awards 2017 and so the biggest stars were decked out in green and black for one of the biggest nights in OPM.

As with music, there were hits and misses fashion-wise but here we celebrate the best, as well as the artists who pushed past "pretty" to arrive at "iconic". 

Keep scrolling if you want to know who made it on our Best Dressed List. Enjoy!

1. Sharlene San Pedro


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Starting strong with MYX VJ Sharlene who broke the rules pretty thoroughly with a deep blue-green pantsuit paired with what looks like a mesh crop top that extends to fingerless gloves. 

I mean??? Guuuurrrl!

2. Ylona Garcia



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Ylona slayed in an asymmetrical dress so good it perfectly represented her uniqueness as an artist and left us in awe. 

We are living for that bow! And that corset! And the eyeliner!


3. Jona



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Jona showed up at the awards show in faux fur like a true diva and an actual personification of the Beyonce' lyric, "I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it."

4. Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo



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The "Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7" 2nd Lucky Big Placer wore an elaborate pantsuit that she successfully wore and didn't wear her. 

Meanwhile, Marco, her escort, was layered like a good and sweet cake.

5. KZ Tandingan



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KZ, who went with her beau TJ Monterde, delivered classic KZ with shoulder pads, poofy sleeves, knee-high boots, and a corset that will make yyou say, "If I were KZ, I could have pulled this off but I'm not and it sucks."

6. Donny Panglinan



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MYX VJ and the MYX Music Awards first-time host made tame exciting with a jacket. Left us breathless again.

7. Jairus Aquino



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Speaking of jackets! Donny's fellow VJ Jairus showed up in a full-blown military jacket. So tempting to call him General Cutie, to be honest.

8. Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata



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Everyone's favorite unlikely love team arrived as perfect contrasts. "PBB" Big Winner Maymay was a sweetheart with a structured floral outfit, while her date went for a rougher aesthetic in camo and jeans. 


9. Sunshine Kim



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Another MYX VJ on the list is Sunshine who wore a a dress that can only be described as the love child of a tailored double-breasted suit and that dress you would wear if you were hopping to a five-hour flight and still want to look glam while in it. 

It's straight-up genius in its simplicity and we are all for it. 

10. Kiana Valenciano



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Ending this list is Kiana Valenciano who came to slay with a dress Rihanna would definitely wear. High slit, check! Mini corset, check! Sexy zipper running down her back, check! Messy up-do, CHECK!

We might as well start bowing down to Queen Kiana because we're pretty sure she'll be the next big thing.