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Kisses, Yong, and Marco get ‘awkward’ on GGV

Kisses, Yong, Marco and the three different ways we deal with crushes

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

3/13/2017 in News
Kisses, Yong, and Marco get ‘awkward’ on GGV
Crushes… sometimes we blush talking about them, other times we feel hopeful, but mostly it’s just awkward.
Former “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” housemates Kisses Delavin, Yong Muhajil, and Marco Gallo were perfect examples of this as they got on the “Gandang Gabi Vice” hot seat last Sunday, March 12.
Marco, whom Kisses confessed to still have feelings for, was asked how he reacted when she said it.
“Masaya,” he answered simply, but host Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda wasn’t satisfied with Marco’s answer and asked if he felt “kilig” over what Kisses admitted.
“Siguro konti lang po,” Marco said, then he tried to explain that he didn’t want to say he really felt it because he wants to be sensitive over Kisses’ feelings and doesn’t want her to think like he’s leading her on.  
There was one guy, however, who was quick to acknowledge his crush for Kisses and that’s Yong. The guy who said several times before that he has a crush on her.
Yong is also the same guy who wasn’t afraid to say that he’s a little hurt that Kisses still has feelings for Marco.
Kisses, who’s in the middle of it all, said that it was just awkward for her, especially hearing someone like Yong to be expressing admiration for her.
She said, “Na-awkward po siyempre, nahihiya ako kasi hindi po ako sanay na may nagkaka-crush sa akin tapos vocal. Nahihiya ako. Na si Yong… Pero ‘yun po, sobrang nakakataba lang ng puso, never ko in-imagine sa buhay ko na may magkaka-crush sa akin, na gaya na tao ni Yong na sobrang mabuti.”
To sum it all up, Vice remembered what Kisses had previously said about her feelings for Marco. “’Yung nararamdaman ko para kay Marco, para sa akin lang.’ Hindi mo kinakailangan ibalik sa kanya.”