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Kisses Delavin shatters her fears, ready for life after 'PBB'

This "PBB" darling had one of the biggest transformations inside Kuya's house. Read about Kisses' confessions here!

Rowena Joy Sanchez
Rowena Joy Sanchez

3/10/2017 in News
Kisses Delavin shatters her fears, ready for life after 'PBB'
When Kisses Delavin entered "Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7" last August, she was the teenage girl from Masbate who looked reserved but was very friendly.

Growing up as a sheltered only child, Kisses admitted that it was hard for her to open up to others so she would just often focus her attention to doing well in school and working towards her dreams. 

"PBB" compelled her to change that, and she embraced her transformation to become one of the bravest, smartest, and most honest teen housemates in the reality show's history. 

"Masasabi ko na ‘yun ‘yung best thing na nangyari sa buhay ko kasi for me kung lagi ka lang magse-stay on your ground, closed, hindi ka mawawalan, pero hindi ka rin magkakaro’n. You will always have to risk na masaktan para sumaya," Kisses said at the post-Big Night press conference last Sunday, March 5.

A notable proof of Kisses' risk-taking was when she confessed her feelings to fellow housemate Marco Gallo which was witnessed by throngs of "PBB" viewers moved by her courage. In this day and age when people would often express themselves on social media instead of in person, it's quite refreshing to see a girl, who, out of a genuine desire of her heart to let go of her fears and feelings, came clean about it to the subject of her affection - face to face. 

She continued, "Nasaktan man ako, pero natuto ako na mas maging open sa lahat ng experiences. Kasi ‘pag naging bukas ka na, lagi at lagi kang may mapupulot na aral. Siguro sa 100 na sakit, lagi at lagi na may maiiwan na lesson and memory that you’ll always treasure forever. And with that, being open will make you a better person as you go on your way."

Wise words from a 17-year-old girl. How much more when she gets older!

If Kisses' confession to Marco was already brave enough for you, you'd have to see her during the "Truth or Lie" challenge, which for her is the scariest thing she did on "PBB" yet her proudest moment all the same. 

"Nung nalaman ko na may 'truth or lie,' I was so scared hindi dahil may tinatago ako, kundi I was so scared to be judged by people," she confessed. "Sobrang takot ko ‘yun na ma-criticize. 

"Pero ‘yun ‘yung gustung-gusto kong balikan [na moment] kasi dun ako nag-decide na okay, kailangan kong i-brush off ‘yung feeling na meron sa akin and face it. Feeling ko ‘yun ‘yung pinakamalaking nagawa ko sa buhay ko, ‘yung harapin ‘yung takot ko... I want to remind myself to face your fears and always be true to yourself."

So even if she gets bashed now that she's in the outside world - bearing the 2nd Lucky Big Placer, take note - Kisses will hold her ground and keep her mindset positive, focusing on the people who believe in her - and her fellow housemates.

Here's a girl who epitomizes fearless: That even if she's scared, she'd dive right into the challenge and won't back down from it.