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Daniel defends Erich amidst rumors surrounding their split

Daniel wants everyone to stop speculating about his relationship with Erich.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/8/2017 in News
Daniel defends Erich amidst rumors surrounding their split

Daniel Matsunaga wants to put a stop to the media frenzy around his troubled relationship with Erich Gonzales.


The Brapanese model-actor released a statement last month that his relationship with Erich is going through a "tough" period, and since then the question of whether a third party was involved in their woes has been raised, and promptly shut down. 

In a comment on the Instagram post below, Daniel defended Erich and refuted accusations made by a popular celebrity gossip site through a blind item article that Erich is a "moody", "cranky" and "unreasonable" girlfriend.

Daniel said that those are "all lies". 

"Listen everyone, this is already getting out of control. What you guys read has nothing to do with what happened between me and Erich."

He continued, "Even after everything that happened between the two of us, we both respect each other and there is nothing like that non-sense. I know Erich, and she would never do such a thing. And to all the haters, I just pray that God changes your heart. God bless you guys."

Daniel and Erich began dating in 2015. They also starred in the television shows "Be My Lady" and "Wives" as a love team. 

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