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Is Joao cool with being the ‘most popular’ BoybandPH member?

Joao points out what differs BoybandPH from Hashtags

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

2/7/2017 in News
Is Joao cool with being the ‘most popular’ BoybandPH member?

Joao Constancia isn’t much into what a lot of people have been saying about him being the “most popular” BoybandPH member.


“They say but at first I guess I was shocked because we really didn’t expect that,” said Joao in an exclusive interview with Push.

He also said that it never really became a point of topic between him and other members Russell Reyes, Ford Valencia, Tristan Ramirez, and Niel Murillo.

“We don’t talk about it but they do make fun of me sometimes because they say they always hear my name because it’s really different and they always hear ‘wow!’” he shared. 

Joao added, “I don’t want to think of it that way because we are a boyband. So for me talaga what really matters is, us being a whole group, altogether.”

He was also asked to comment about the comparisons being made between BoybandPH and Hashtags, and he pointed what sets the two apart. 

He said, “I guess for us there’s no comparison because we’re both different groups and because we are a boyband and they are a boy group and they focus mainly on dancing and for us it’s mostly singing and dancing.”

And to set the record straight, all is well between BoybandPH and Hashtags. 

“We’ve met them and they’re all cool guys and we got to meet each other and talk for a while and maybe in the future, we don’t know, maybe we can perform with them too. That would be pretty cool,” said Joao.

BoybandPH just released a self-titled album under Star Music which includes their hit single “Unli”. Download and listen to it on iTunes and Spotify!


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