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Dayanara Torres recalls her humble beginnings

Dayanara talks about her sons and her love for the Philippines

Isabella Cuartero
Isabella Cuartero

2/7/2017 in News
Dayanara Torres recalls her humble beginnings

Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres has returned to the Philippines with excitement as her arrival also brings back the good old golden days.

She told ABS-CBN News last February 5, “Mahal ko kayo. Lagi kayong nasa puso at isipan ko. I know ang tagal na. I should have been here before. But finally I am here. Sana ito na ang simula.”

Today, February 7, on "Magandang Buhay," she shared how being Miss Universe changed her life completely. 

She was only a 17-year-old high school graduate when she won the competition and was about to study dentistry. She was discouraged due to family concerns. But Miss U opened the door to more opportunities.

Then, despite the clouds on the horizon of being a single mom, the Puerto Rican actress is thankful. She described her two sons as "very, very SUPER mabait and down-to-earth. They respect me. Even when they go somewhere else, everyone comes back and they say 'your kids are so sweet, they're so polite.'

"I know that. But to hear that from other people, I think I'm doing a good job," she added.

She's set to fly back to Los Angeles also today, but promises to come back soon. 

"My boys are older, if they can come and travel with me, I can stay longer," she told ABS-CBN News. 

In 2009, Dayanara also published a self-help book titled "Married To Me" which was co-written with her sister Jeannette Torres-Alvarez, a psychologist. She wrote about her struggles and successes, coming from her experience as a single mom.

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