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Enrique, Liza share working experience with Direk Cathy

Why Direk Cathy is not just a director for LizQuen...

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

2/4/2017 in News
Enrique, Liza share working experience with Direk Cathy

Words are not enough for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil to express how honored and grateful they are to be given the chance to work with director Cathy Garcia-Molina in the big screen.


At the film's Grand Media Launch last Wednesday, February 1, Enrique shared a trait he likes about the blockbuster director.

"She goes for the truth, the rawness of telling the story. Not just... may formula. How you show a film."

The Kapamilya actor went on to assure their fans, "It's more than just what they want to see, its different. May seem different, but it's real. It's true. ‘Yung rawness niya, maybe that’s why naninibago sila. But for me, iba. Which is good. "

Liza, meanwhile, added how Direk Cathy is not just a director for her.

"It's an honor working with her because when I work with Direk Cathy, it's not just work lang talaga. It's always more than that," Liza explained. "She became like a mother. A best friend that’s guiding you the whole time."

Liza then shared her story about feeling challenged over one particular scene.

"Like Direk Cathy said I have a very, very, very, very hard time doing this movie and I can admit that. Especially on one certain scene. 'Cause I really haven’t felt that emotion yet and it’s hard to go deep into that page and everyone else can feel. And I don’t want to be able to give something I know isn’t real to me," tha Kapamilya actress relayed.

But Liza conquered this challenge, thanks to Direk Cathy.

"I’m really proud of how Direk Cathy handled waiting for me, waiting for me to be able to give her what she wants. And I hope I made her proud.

"I was really nervous about that scene and what I learned from Direk Cathy is you always have to look deep inside and know what’s real, what the truth is behind everything," Liza relayed.

"My Ex and Whys" follows the story of Cali (Liza Soberano), a blogger who owns the up and coming blog, "The Bakit List," and her ex Gio (Enrique Gil), who will return to her life unexpectedly and surprisingly. 

Can you really still love someone who caused you pain?

The film will be out in cinemas starting Feb. 15!


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