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Eurydice:’ A poignant, tragic story of two great loves

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Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/26/2017 in News
Eurydice:’ A poignant, tragic story of two great loves

By Gian Carlo Vizcarra

Tanghalang Pilipino (TP)’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s  “Eurydice,” which runs at the Little Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines until March 5, sells LOVE at its PUREST, and most PAINFUL in the most BEAUTIFUL manner.

Based on the tragic myth of lovers Orpheus and Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl’s modernist adaptation includes the story of Eurydice and her father, making this material an even bigger, grander exploration of love, death, and remembrance.

This play pushes the audience to a memorable, tragic journey of two great loves – romantic love and parental love.

Loy Arcenas clearly acknowledges that the strength of the production lies in the sincerity, vulnerability of its actors in telling this memorable tale, and he succeeded big time.

Yes, this intimate play is an acting showcase, but the actors gave more than just their gifts, but bared their hearts, fears - making the pain very palpable to every audience.

An icon of local theater, Audie Gemora is known for his undeniable stage presence and impeccable talent, but here, he exhibits his wide range as an actor. He personified the heart of a loving father - strong, yet helpless, fun yet weary.

Indeed, only few actors can pull this off and hats off to TP for tapping Audie to play this role, as he perfectly provides the depth, warmth and tone for this production.

Jonathan Tadioan is undoubtedly the most fun actor from the TP Actor’s Company, and he certainly delivered more than what was expected of him in “Eurydice.” He, who is always a delight to watch onstage, was cunning, yet charming as the Interesting Guy/ Hades.

Marco Viana, the resident romantic leading man of TP Actor’s Company, was sensitive, and romantic as Orfeo. He was dashing during the early parts of the play, but was greatly affecting as the anguished lover desperately seeking the return of his dead lover Eurydice.

This memorable production is a great feat for TP, of course, but “Eurydice” has another big achievement – the birth of a new theater leading lady with Lhorvie Nuevo.

Young as she is, Lhorvie’s Eurydice was immensely moving and affecting. She was beautiful, lovely, and sometimes funny in her light moments, but she was vulnerable, sensitive, pained and broken in her best scenes.

Lhorvie’s Eurydice made everyone in the audience root for her reunion with her dad, and her lover – that’s how charming this new star was!

One can’t help, but be excited with the future of this new leading lady of theater!

“Eurydice” is undeniably a tragedy, but it is a very beautiful tragedy, and a celebration of very nuanced performances.


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