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No bad blood between Janella’s mom and Elmo
Janella has this to say about mom Jenine and Elmo
Regina Tabora
by Regina Tabora
2/22/2017 in News
No bad blood between Janella’s mom and Elmo

A few weeks ago, Janella Salvador’s mom Jenine Desiderio tweeted about a disrespectful man trying to court her daughter. Although she did not drop any names, some quickly linked the tweets to Janella’s on-screen partner Elmo Magalona.


However in an interview with “TV Patrol” last night, February 21, Janella shut down the speculations by saying her mom and Elmo are in very good terms.

“She’s (mom Jenine) very close to Elmo right now,” she said.

Janella even shared that Elmo visits them during the weekends so they can get to know each other more.

“My mom and Elmo are also getting to know each other… but she doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend yet,” she said.

Janella is preparing for her first digital concert under One Music PH, where she will sing a duet with Elmo. The two first worked together in the 2016 series “Born for You.”

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