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Teresa defends son Diego’s social media outburst

Teresa speaks up about Diego and Cesar’s social media feud

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/20/2017 in News
Teresa defends son Diego’s social media outburst

Teresa Loyzaga has nothing but support for her son Diego amid his online feud with Cesar Montano.


Speaking to PEP yesterday, February 19, the actress maintained that Diego has the right to be upset and speak up about the issues he has with his dad.

“Siguro bigay na lang natin kay Diego ‘yun, especially this moment,” she said.

Teresa added that despite her son’s feud with Cesar, he is doing well.

“Kinakaya niya dahil nandito ang pamilya niya, ganun lang ‘yun,” she related. “At least, for now let’s let things settle, let it take its course and let’s look forward to better things.”

Asked what she thought about the issue, Teresa refused to comment.

“I think we will have our time to speak and then we will just take it from there,” she said. “We’ve said more than enough… Let’s just go for the good things and hope for the better things to come.”

Teresa starred in the 2015 series “Pasion de Amor.”


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