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5 stunning details from Daddy Angelo Colmenares' 90th birthday bash

Here's proof that no one can throw a party like Angel Locsin does.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/20/2017 in News
5 stunning details from Daddy Angelo Colmenares' 90th birthday bash

Over the weekend, Angel Locsin's father Angelo Colmenares celebrated his 90th birthday and it was epic.


Angel didn't exactly cut corners for her father. She threw him a fabulous Gatsby-inspired party and brought together family members and friends to celebrate the full life that her Daddy Angel is living. 


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Here are five of the most amazing details from the party:

1. A breathtaking venue.

The party took place in a venue decorated with light fixtures flowing from the ceiling. Crystal candle holders served as table centerpieces, and well, it can't be a Gatsby party without an overwhelming amount of feathers.


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2. A towering cake. 

Angel commissioned a stunning (and huge) three-tier fondant cake with a classy gold gramophone topper for her father's birthday.


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It was insane, in the best way possible. 


3. An couple of cutely uncoordinated dance numbers...


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...because every person should get to see that on their birthday. 


4. Angel went full flapper girl.

Angel channeled her inner Daisy Buchanan for the event and looked like a 1920s sweetheart with a flapper-style dress and a "pak ganern" hairdo!


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5. Daddy Angel looked super dapper.

For his 90th, Daddy Angel wore a white RAU Atelier custom suit that made him look like a 1920s gentleman. Iba!



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Gwapo naman!

Happy birthday, Daddy Angel!

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