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Joao shares his own ‘nagmahal, nasakatan’ story

Joao on one of his worst heartbreaks: “Talagang para akong tanga”

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

2/16/2017 in News
Joao shares his own ‘nagmahal, nasakatan’ story

You’d think a hottie like Joao Constancia could easily get a girlfriend if he pleases to but he proved it himself that that isn’t the case.


The BoybandPH member shared that he was rejected in public by a girl he really liked.

“There were so many ways I asked her to become my girlfriend... I gave her a rose and then we were at a bus stop. So she was holding and then we were arguing, nag-aaway na kami,” said Joao in a VTR shown during “Pusuan Mo Si Vice Ganda Sa Araneta: Nagmahal, Nasaktan, Nag-concert” last Tuesday, February 14.

He then continued saying that the girl just walked away from him, leaving him hanging with no clue what else he could do.

“Her bus came and then she rode that and then she told me, ‘I’m really really sorry.’ [She] just dropped the rose on the floor and gave it back to me.” He added, “And then I was just standing there and sitting there like an idiot.”

“Talagang para akong tanga to the point na andun na lang ako, wala akong ginagawa,” said Joao.

After that, he admitted that he completely broke down. “So once I lost her, I lose myself.”

Aside from Joao, BoybandPH also consists of Ford Valencia, Niel Murillo, Russell Reyes, and Tristan Ramirez.

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