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DanRich breakup shocks RK Bagatsing

RK speaks up on Daniel-Erich split

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/12/2017 in News
DanRich breakup shocks RK Bagatsing

Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga's breakup came as a shock for their "Be My Lady" co-star RK Bagatsing.

Speaking to PEP last February 9, the actor mentioned that before the breakup happened, things were completely fine for the couple.

"They’re so okay, kinagulat ko talaga. Pero alam ninyo naman, pag nakikita ko sila on and off screen, sabi ko nga, di magiging ganun kaganda ang chemisty nila on screen kung di sila okay off screen," he said.

RK also said that he first reached out to Daniel when he learned about the breakup.

"Hayun, wala tayong magagawa, sabi ko, it is what it is... The best thing to do now is to give it some time," he said.

The actor still remains hopeful that the two will get back together.

"Maybe not now, if you’re meant for each other, maybe not now, maybe in the future," he said.

RK stars in the new primetime series "Wildflower," which starts airing on Monday, February 13.

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